Stretching Your Baccarat Budget

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June 18, 2015
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Baccarat, once believed to be a James Bond, martini sipping, glitzy, posh game played only in places like Monte Carlo, has come into its own and why not? Baccarat is a fun, easy to play, sit back and watch, low risk table game with some of the best odds in the casino.

Stretching the Baccarat budget is relatively a three-fold process involving: knowing the rules of the game, incorporating betting strategies and tips and staying the course.


Historically, Baccarat was a game reserved for high rollers so many casino goers may have never played the game. If you want to stretch your Baccarat budget begin by knowing the rules of the game. No one should ever play a game when they don’t know the rules.

Baccarat betting is where the real skill comes into this casino game. Baccarat is really a very easy game although the rules may seem a tad tricky. Very simply, two cards are dealt, to the player and to the bank. The object of the game, very much like Blackjack, is to reach the number 9 without going over. Any hand over 10, like a 5 and a King, 15, will drop the first digit making the player’s score a 5. The wager is either on the bank or the player, pretty much an even 50/50 split.

Betting Strategies

If you want to stretch your Baccarat budget, be conscious of betting patterns. Don’t ever go overboard. Stay away from systems, like the martingale double up system. Even though Baccarat is almost like a glamorous coin toss, double up systems can deplete the whole budget if you go on a little losing streak.

If you want to stretch your Baccarat budget bet small and steady.

Stay the Course

Responsible gaming comes with a plan. This plan is general and not specifically designated to a particular game like Baccarat but having a plan will absolutely help stretch that budget. Before sitting down, establish a time frame for how long you want to play baccarat. Also, establish a loss limit, how much you’re willing to lose and a win limit, how much you’d like to win.

Stick to the plan and you will stretch your Baccarat budget for as long as you’d like.

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