Money Management in Baccarat

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June 11, 2015
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Learning money management in baccarat can help you turn the money you risk while gambling into prudent investment. No doubt that you will lose some money to the casino as all casino games have a house edge, but in the long run managing your bankroll well can help you minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

baccarat-money-managementThe first rule about good money management is discipline. Forget about gut feelings, luck and the adrenaline rush of playing a casino game; at times you will have to pass up a big score. Discipline is a must and without that money management will not be possible.

Secondly, money management requires that you know the basic baccarat rules. You must have a decent knowledge of the rules of the game to understand how to benefit from it monetarily. Also, you must set some limits for losing and winning. You cannot have unrealistic expectations like earning thousands of dollars overnight. You should learn to pay full attention to all baccarat sessions, and ‘freak streaks’ that occur in every casino game.

‘Freak Streaks’ are those moments when lady Luck suddenly decides to favour you after sitting long hours at a table. You may win sometime and lose the other times. Baccarat money management however, teaches you to use discipline to be conservative. Thirty or forty times the minimum bet is about what your bankroll should be. If you want to play $5 baccarat, you need about $150 to $200. Bet $25 per hand, and you will lose over time.

Don’t rely on feeling of luck and instinct. Play only what your bankroll can afford. When you are done playing, you may have lost small, or won small, but you will have minimized risk. When you play enough sessions, managing your money, you will win in the long run.

Prudent money management will go a long way to help you avoid losing all your money, whether you are sitting in a casino, at a poker tournament or playing online baccarat.

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