Pattern spotting in Baccarat

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June 1, 2015
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baccarat-patternIf you are a newcomer to playing baccarat in the casino then you probably wonder why some baccarat players keep a record of all the results of each hand.  The answer is that they are pattern spotting.

So the next question you will ask is, “Does pattern spotting in Baccarat help me win?”

If you are superstitious then maybe.  But there is no reason why a properly shuffled deck of cards will suddenly follow some sort of pattern.  You have no way of knowing in advance what card will come, even if there have been five of the same cards in a row, it does not mean the sixth card will be the same.  If the deck is shuffled then it is a completely random process.

But try and tell that to all the experienced baccarat players!  They have even gone as far as to name some of the patterns – the shoe is “choppy” means there are alternating wins between the banker and the player; or “skip ties” is when a tie is followed two hands later by another tie.

And, that is why the casino allows them to take notes, because they know that try as they might to spot a pattern, it won’t make any difference to whether they win at baccarat.  You may as well be playing with a bunch of clairvoyants.  But dont make fun of it at the baccarat table because many take it very seriously and firmly beleive they know when there is a pattern.

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