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June 1, 2015
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Both the Italian and French meaning for the word baccarat is ‘zero’ in English and has generated much controversy on its origins, with each country wanting to claim the name as their own.

The history of baccarat too is steeped in myth and mystery and follows some baccarat rules. On version believes that the game was first invented by an Italian gambler Felix Falguierein in the Middle Ages and was originally played with a deck of Tarot cards. Later, the game was introduced in France around 1490 A.D. and remained exclusive to the French nobility for some time before becoming an online casino game.

Although now it really bears no consequence whether baccarat was invented in Italy or France, the truth is that the playing game of Baccarat is very, very old. It has moved and evolved through several countries and continents for centuries and has acquired many different rules and variations in baccarat in different countries.

Initially, the French variation of the game baccarat was called Chemin de Fer which after becoming popular in England began to be known as European Baccarat. It then spread to South America. Finally, it was Tommy Renzoni who brought this game to the United States in the late 1950s as a combination of European baccarat and “Chemin de fer”. It was introduced into Las Vegas at the infamous Dunes casino in the late 1950s after the Cuban government closed the Havana casinos.

Over the years, some rules have changed in every country but the style has remained the same. It has kept its elegance and is still one of the most appealing games to the high rollers and individuals with high social standings in every society.

In order to popularize the game even among the average players, Mini baccarat was invented. It has the same basic rules as American baccarat, but the lower table limits and simplified procedures attracted players with average bankrolls. Similarly, with the advent of online gambling and same rules as mini baccarat, it can be played by anyone across the globe regardless of his status.

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