Baccarat Intimidation? Try Mini-Baccarat

Online Baccarat
June 1, 2015
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Because baccarat has this mystique of being the casino game of the rich and famous, many people feel intimidated by the baccarat tables in a casino. But in reality it is just another casino game.

My advice to those that want to start playing baccarat but are not too sure of how to break into the game, would be to start with the mini-baccarat tables. The tables are designed to make you feel more comfortable and have less of the “high roller” element to them. The stakes are lower so your pockets won’t burn too bad if you make a few mistakes. Mini-baccarat is all about having fun and getting new players to play.

Or try online baccarat and then it doesn’t matter what you look like and what designer labels you are wearing!! Start with the low stakes games and learn the trade but most importantly have fun – you will soon lose the feeling of “baccarat intimidation” and be able to hob nob with the best at the baccarat tables.

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