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June 1, 2015
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The game of baccarat has earned tremendous popularity with card lovers across the globe. As the game reached different corners of the world, it manifested into different varieties and gathered different styles of play. Although some of the baccarat rules changed and the game was christened with new names, the primary objective remained the same – to bet on the hand, which values closest to nine.

In France, the most famous baccarat version played in casinos is the “chemin de fer”. This also serves as the foundation for other baccarat versions played in several countries in Europe and North America.

The game is played with at least two players. The casino is not directly involved with the game, but does collect a commission which is a certain percentage of the win in the bank, usually 5%. It is a game of competition between players where one serves as the player. This role rotates around the table with each new game. The rules for drawing a third card are flexible. For example, the value of the hand is five. This hand can either draw another card or stand.

In USA, the Nevada Baccarat or the American Baccarat as it popularly called is the baccarat game of choice. Most online games of baccarat are based on the rules used in this version. In this type the rules are quite simple. The players play against the house, which provides the funds for the game. One only needs to bet a certain amount not lower than the table limit on either the banker or the player. The pay-off is proportional to the amount of bet. However, a 5% commission is paid to the house for every win in the bank’s hand. An option to wager on the tie is also available in most casinos.

The European Baccarat is the English version of the game and has spread to some parts of South America as well. Here, the casino is actively involved in the game. The casino funds the bank’s hand and sets the betting limit for the players. The same 5% commission is also collected for every win in the bank. In drawing the third card, the bank may choose to do so with a hand that values a total of five. The player may also draw another card or stand when its hand also values five. With this option, the rules for a third card draw are similar to the rules in the American version.

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