Baccarat Characters

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June 1, 2015
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I always have a laugh at some of the characters that you find in the casino at a baccarat table. Sometimes you get that special someone who decides they have to be different. Whether it be the hat, shoes or a special style they have chosen.

But heh its all about fun and entertainment so why not?? Get out there and make a special effort sometimes, blow them away!!

You see everything in Vegas of course! I am just never surprised anymore, its just like oh yeah whatever… you think you’re weird but actually you’re just as normal as the guy next door. Funny how we try harder to be different, but end up all just looking like someone we know or have seen… all looking the same.

Baccarat does attract some colorful charaters though. Slot machines are fairly unexciting and most people fit a standard character. You don’t really see people dressing up to play slots. Whereas baccarat seems to drag out all sorts, from the people who have made it and don’t care, through to the ones still trying to impress on the way up!

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